Azurite veinlets
Azurite veinlets






I'm a full professor of Economic Geology and Geochemistry at the Geology Department, Universidad de Chile. I am also the Acting Director of the Millennium Nucleus Center Metals Tracing along Subduction (NMTM) and I oversee the CEGA Mass Spectrometry and Geochemistry Labs.

My research interests are diverse including geochemistry of ore deposits, isotope geochemistry, geochronology,  mineralogy, metallogenesis and Andean geology. I combine field studies with geochemical tools including mass spectrometry and electron microprobe analysis to understand geological processes. For more information, please check my Research and Publications pages.  

If you are interested in research opportunities in my group, please contact me


September 21, 2020: Congratulations to Kevin Díaz for successfully defending his Honors thesis "Geología del Depósito IOCG La Higuera, Región de Coquimbo, Chile"
September 2020: Congratulations to Nikita on our paper published in Economic Geology!
The Geochemistry of Magnetite and Apatite from the El Laco Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposit, Chile: Implications for Ore Genesis 
Nikita L. La Cruz; J. Tomás Ovalle; Adam C. Simon; Brian A. Konecke; Fernando Barra; Martin Reich; Mathieu Leisen; Tristan M. Childress
September 2020: Congratulations to Tristan on our paper published in Economic Geology!
Triple Oxygen (δ18O, Δ17O), Hydrogen (δ2H), and Iron (δ56Fe) Stable Isotope Signatures Indicate a Silicate Magma Source and Magmatic-Hydrothermal Genesis for Magnetite Orebodies at El Laco, Chile 
Tristan Childress; Adam C. Simon; Martin Reich; Fernando Barra; Laura D. Bilenker; Nikita L. La Cruz; Ilya N. Bindeman; J. Tomás Ovalle
September 2020: Congratulations to Maria on our paper published in Economic Geology!
A Continuum from Iron Oxide Copper-Gold to Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposits: Evidence from Fe and O Stable Isotopes and Trace Element Chemistry of Magnetite 
Maria A. Rodriguez-Mustafa; Adam C. Simon; Irene del Real; John F.H. Thompson; Laura D. Bilenker; Fernando Barra; Ilya Bindeman; David Cadwell
September 2020: Congratulations to Gisella on our paper accepted in Ore Geology Reviews!
A review of magnetite geochemistry of Chilean Iron Oxide-Apatite (IOA) deposits and its implications for ore-forming processes 
Gisella Palma; Fernando Barra; Martin Reich; Adam C. Simon; Rurik Romero
September 2020: Congratulations to Andrea on our paper published in Ore Geology Reviews!
Assessing the role of bitumen in the formation of stratabound Cu-(Ag) deposits: Insights from the Lorena deposit, Las Luces district, northern Chile (
Andrea Herazo; Martin Reich; Fernando Barra; Diego Morata; Irene del Real; Anais Pagès